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“Dedicated to sourcing and supplying quality materials through quality service to quality businesses throughout the UK”

Our Promises

Promise No 1: We will be honest.

This is foundational to our success as your supplier. You can't afford to be dealing with a supplier you cannot trust; we will be honest on all fronts, including pricing, product specification and delivery lead times.

Promise No 2: We will get it right.

Even when things go wrong; and, let's face it, they do from time to time. However, we will not just leave it and say that's the best we can do: we have a conscience, and we will put it right and get it right. "He who makes a mistake, and doesn't correct it, makes another".

Promise No 3: We will stay around.

We are a stable and financially secure Company with an ethos of Care: that is care for our staff, our customers, our suppliers, our products, and the environment. This is founded on the quality and commitment of everyone involved in our Company and it builds an organisation that people can believe in and trust; this is a sustainable business model. For our customers, that means we shall be around when they want us.