Don't let Brexit disrupt your supply chain

Apart from making sure that we are all doing our bit to save the planet, we are also making use of the resources we have around us and reusing our resources.

Brexit! We all know it's coming. 1st January 2021. Be Prepared.

Westmount Packaging is actively making sure we mitigate as much risk from possible disrupted supply chains due to Brexit on the 1st January 2021.

What does it mean for me?

Brexit is where the UK will officially "leave" the European Union, having first joined the EU in 1973, 47 years ago. Brexit will allow the UK to operate more independently from the EU commission, setting it's own laws and agreements around trade.

But - and there always seems to be one (!) - Brexit trade deals have not yet been decided upon, but it's probably going to be actioned without a "deal" with the EU. Therefore areas such as free trade, borders, security and much more don't know what lies ahead as there's nothing in writing that says what's going to happen. The worry is that supply chains across Europe are going to be severely disrupted with freight being stuck at port due to insufficient paperwork or just a backlog of freight that is taking longer to clear due to stricter customs.

It's also important to consider the cost. At the moment the carriage and customs charges are stable but when crunch point comes, on the 1st January 2021 the carriage and customs charges will likely rise, which could make the purchase of goods from overseas a unfeasible option, costing you time getting goods from elsewhere and also leaving you with little or no stock for a longer period of time which could impact your customer base.

What should I do about it?

This doesn't just apply to your packaging, it applies to all freight and supply chains operating throughout Europe. So, get in touch with all your UK and EU suppliers to see what they are doing to help mitigate the risk of being without the vital supplies you need to keep operating throughout the new year and beyond.

Westmount is making sure all our EU supply chains are going to be upheld with good stocks in the UK before the 1st January and we are also encouraging customers to place forward orders, for delivery to Westmount before the 1st January so when it comes to Brexit, we can continue to supply you with stocks from our own Warehouse in the UK.

Be Prepared. Don't hesitate to act. We're here to support.

The Westmount Team is ready to act, and are already acting with many of our customers. Please don't leave this too late. It could mean catastrophic disruption for your company and we don't want to see that happen. If you are unsure as to anything or just need a few pointers, please don't hesitate to give our Team a call here.