Gummed Tape Dispensers. Are they any good?

As a packaging company that's been around for 40 years, supplying a lot of industries, its noticeable the shift in the last 18 months by many companies to sustainable packaging products. Inevitably, one of the first things to change is the tape, as there are already so good, cost effective solutions that can be bought off the shelf.

One of these is Gummed paper tape dispensers.

What are Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers?

Firstly, gummed paper tape is just like any other roll of tape, apart from the fact it has a gummy substance adhesive which needs water to make it sticky and enable you to seal the box closed. Therefore you need a dispenser.

See the picture above - this represents an automatic, bench top gummed paper tape dispenser that has a lot of functions. Just to get the record straight, there are simpler and smaller dispensers than that, but they aren't as common as they don't perform as well.

Gummed paper tape normally come on 100, 200, 252 and 305 meter rolls, and are passed through a series of rollers which wet the tape before dispensing it to a present or custom length for you to stick on the box. Gummed paper tapes are a lot tougher and have a better adhesive than Self-adhesive paper tapes as the adhesive on the Gummed version is thicker and has quicker curing times (amount of time it takes to properly stick to the box).

  1. Automatic Gummed paper tape dispenser; these have large water tanks allowing you to operate longer and also normally have numerous preset lengths you can dispense the tape at. You can also repeat the previous length if you're taping a box which is similar in size to the last one, or dispense a custom length to suit any carton.
    You can also purchase several extras to make your life easier with an automatic dispenser - such as a pedal to dispense only the right amount each time. A laser beam to measure the box and dispense the right amount of tape.
  2. Manual Gummed paper tape dispensers; a lot less money than the automatic ones and don't rely on electricity to operate so great if you're moving around the warehouse often with it. Downside is they require you to pull the correct amount through the water bath (which is also a lot less smaller) and then tear it off neatly.

Why should I switch from conventional Plastic Tape?

Conventional plastic tape in various sizes and adhesives have done a good job for a long time, and do continue to. But the time has come for them to move on with the new paper tapes available on the market.

Gummed paper tapes have a lot of hidden benefits that many packers don't realise. We've listed a few of them below.

  1. Stronger seal
  2. Nearly impossible to rip off the box - less stolen goods or broken seals
  3. Aesthetically pleasing for the customer
  4. Less tape needed to seal the box
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Longer rolls

It's also important to consider the cost. At the moment the carriage and customs charges are stable but when crunch point comes, on the 1st January 2021 the carriage and customs charges will likely rise, which could make the purchase of goods from overseas a unfeasible option, costing you time getting goods from elsewhere and also leaving you with little or no stock for a longer period of time which could impact your customer base.

What should I do about it?

Lastly, plastic tape has bad green credentials. The plastic backing and adhesive used are often virgin (brand new) and don't have any recycled content, plus most tapes these days go to landfill (P.S, not our Premium Packing tape which is sustainably made and 100% recyclable!). All plastic tapes are included in the 2022 UK plastic tax and will be subject to taxes. Don't miss out by leaving it. Look at alternative options now so that it's easier to switch when it comes to 2021.

WAlthough the initial outlay on 2 or 3 dispensers might seem a lot, the finished outcome and savings on tape is worthwhile for your customer base and also a faster packing operation.

If you want a free trial of the dispensers, please contact us and we'll arrange a visit.