Why Eco Friendly?

Apart from making sure that we are all doing our bit to save the planet, we are also making use of the resources we have around us and reusing our resources.

So why Eco - Friendly?

Apart from making sure that we are all doing our bit to save the planet, we are also making use of the resources we have around us and reusing our resources. By doing this we are cutting down our waste which will, in turn, save money for everyone. Imagine not having to pay as much for your waste collection.

And guess what? By using recyclable materials you will save money on the Plastic Tax that is due to be enforced in March 2022. If you you are unsure of what the plastic tax in 2022 is about. Why not take a look at our blog page https://www.westmountpackaging.co.uk/news//uk-plastic-packaging-tax-2022 .

What options do we have for you?

We have some alternatives for you and your business.

How about switching from pallet wrap? Instead, why not try our multi-use Pallet shell. By using the pallet shell, you will save time and money. You may say, well, the pallet shell is plastic, yes, it is, but it is partly recycled! This means from the moment they start manufacturing; the environmental impact is reduced. There are many advantages to a pallet shell, but a few are; increased space in your vehicle as you can double stack, no plastic tax and added security to your pallet wrapping. And by double stacking, you are reducing your carbon footprint because you won’t have to use as many vehicles or do as many trips.

Another product you could switch out for an eco-friendlier alternative is packing tape. Did you know that PVC (also known as Vinyl) tape is the most un-environmentally friendly tape on the market? Why not try our paper tapes? We do both water-activated and self-adhesive. For water-activated tapes, we can also supply the machines, both automatic and manual. We do 4 different types of WAT tapes including reinforced. Self–adhesive paper tapes, in reinforced and plain. Another bonus about the tapes is that they fit on a standard tape gun, or with the plain tape, it’s finger tearable. The paper tapes have a name for being more expensive, but the prices are coming down, and how can you put a price on this earth?

How can you make a difference?

Why not look at some of the things that you use every day?

For example, your water bottle. Do you use a single-use plastic water bottle every day? Why not switch to a reusable water bottle? There are plenty of choices out there, you could even personalise your water bottle.

Another example is cling film that you may wrap your sandwiches in, how about putting them in a box or reusable wax wrap? Simple things like removing single-use plastic from your life will have an impact on the world we live in.

Other ways you can offset your carbon ...

There are many ways we can simply help save the environment, in our everyday lives and in our businesses, especially in today's modern world.

Did you know there are many websites that will help you offset your carbon? Why not take a look at Skoot ride https://skootride.com/. It is an awesome website that helps you offset your carbon every time you drive somewhere, and helps you organise car sharing. There are other websites such as Earthly https://earthly.org/, Ecologi https://ecologi.com/, One tree planted https://onetreeplanted.org/.

All these websites help businesses and individuals offset their carbon footprint by planting trees where they are most needed.

By simply considering any of these options, it shows you are worried about the planet! Why not try a couple of these options out for a few weeks and see how you get on. You may find some of the more environmentally friendly options suit you and your team better, as well as showing your customers, you care!