Yet another Charity saved from unreliable companies

Why are Charities let down?

Westmount Packaging Ltd recently came to the aid of a local care home in need of some packing materials and cartons for highly valuable hampers going to some of their donors. They had all been booked in weeks before at a renowned contract packing house, but come to the day of packing, they were let down. Hospice in the Weald received a phone call to inform the packing house couldn't complete the task due to being "overloaded".

So the hampers ended up back at the Care Home, unpackaged, due to go out 3 days later. So late Friday evening one of our office staff kindly went down to Hospice in the Weald (Pembury) and supplied their packaging materials, all at a discount. Supporting them and allowing them to get the job done in time and safely.