Terms & Conditions of Online Trading

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to online transactions between the Company and the Purchaser, and supersede any terms previously published.

2. Interpretation: Westmount, Westmount Packaging and Westmount Packaging Ltd are herein referred to as the Company. The Purchaser means the organisation firm or person doing business with the Company. The Goods means all products or services supplied hired or given to the Purchaser by any means and for whatever purpose by the Company.

3. Acceptance: all online orders and contracts entered into between the Company and a Purchaser buying goods from the Company shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. By ordering from our website or accepting deliveries from the Company, the Purchaser shall be deemed to accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions, which overrides all clauses with a contrary intention, whether printed or not, proposed by the Purchaser, unless accepted in writing by the Company. An order placed by the Purchaser does not constitute acceptance by the Company until confirmation is given by the Company.

4. All prices given are exclusive of Value Added Tax. The Company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to prices or products without notice, due to causes beyond the Company’s control. At the discretion of the Company carriage may be charged.

5. Payment is to be made at the point of order by Debit or Credit Card unless the Purchaser has an existing credit account set up with the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the goods are the entire risk of the Purchaser from the point at which the delivery is made.

6. Retention of title: all goods supplied by the Company remain the property of the Company until all orders are paid for in full. The Company reserves the right of entry to a Purchaser’s premises to reclaim goods supplied that are the property of the Company, whether or not payment for them is overdue; the Purchaser undertakes to co-operate with the Company or their agents to facilitate this. Should a Debit or Credit card payment be declined after the Customer has taken delivery of goods, the above will apply.

7. Deliveries: the Company will endeavour to supply goods within agreed delivery times, insofar as circumstances beyond the Company’s control permit. The Company shall not be held liable whatsoever for consequential loss or damage resulting from late or non-delivery. Claims regarding short delivery or damage must be notified to the Company within 3 days of delivery. A signature given for a number of parcels received shall be considered as binding.

8. Separability: orders for successive deliveries shall be treated as separate contracts per delivery, and disputes regarding one delivery shall not affect the balance of deliveries to be made in execution of the order.

9. Tolerances: dimensions and quantities stated are subject to tolerances of +/- 10%

10. The Purchaser is responsible to ensure goods ordered are suitable for the application for which they are required; whilst the Company will endeavour to supply samples to the Purchaser’s specification when requested prior to delivery, the Company offers no guarantee that the sample will match the goods to be supplied exactly.

11. These Terms and Conditions and all contracts to which they apply shall in all respects be governed and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.